Karen Bennett is an Arizona native with a prolific career creating original artwork for interiors at restaurants, valley contractors, auto dealerships, churches and local businesses for over 30 years. Her work ranges in style from ultra-realism to contemporary modern art, and is constantly inspired by the subject, and rooted in quality.

A graduate of Mesa Community College and Arizona State University, Karen has garnered several awards over her career recognizing her drawing and painted pieces. After finishing her bachelors in fine arts in 1979, Karen worked at Boeing in Seattle and Allied Signal in Phoenix until she launched her own studio Palette of Possibilities in 1986.

Since then, Karen has worked on many commissioned works that highlight her skills and range in style. Her mediums include oil, acrylic, charcoal, pencil and watercolor. Besides work on traditional canvas and walls, Karen has developed a focused ingenuity for a range of surfaces that includes ceilings, floors, furniture and wine cellars. Through that experience she has also developed her eye and hand with faux finishes, applying techniques to disguise electrical outlets, beams and anything else often found on uncommon surfaces.

Karen’s work can be seen throughout the Valley including private homes and many restaurants including La Piñata, Someburros, and Poncho’s Mexican Food & Cantina. Her other talents including portraits of people and/or their pets, and caricatures.

Contact Karen at kbennettartist@cox.net or 602.622.0686 and follow her on Instagram @karenbennettartist.


Here are some of Karen’s notable clients—

AZ Painting   

DeCesare Design Group

Earnhardt Ford

Earnhardt Lexus

Est. Est. Inc.

Greenwell Interiors

Holy Spirit Catholic Church

La Piñata

Michael Ferguson Interiors

Moore Interiors

Nelson/Barnum Interiors



Sue Cain Studios

Tilted Kilt

Tuscan Villa

Wiseman and Gail Interiors 

CoCo Milano's 

Aesthetics Interior Design